MGB - OAGB Congress

MGB - OAGB Congress

MGB - OAGB Congress

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Welcome Message

MGB-OAGB International Club was formed after the MGB Conclave held in July 2015 at New Delhi. It is our honor and pleasure to invite you to the 7th Annual Consensus Conference of the club. Previous meetings have also been held in France, UK, Italy, Spain and Germany.

Please note that this 2020 event will take place in New Delhi, India from Friday 1st to Saturday May 2nd. This would be preceded by a pre conference MGB-OAGB Masterclass.

MGB and OAGB have become internationally accepted bariatric and metabolic operations – the fastest growing procedures, now in 3rd place among surgical options against severe obesity and associated diseases.

There would be an MGB Masterclass program on 30th April 2020 at Manipal Hospitals, New Delhi which would include live surgery transmission and a structured, standardized, protocol based teaching program for bariatric surgeons who wish to start or update themselves. This program will be based on the consensus guidelines of the MGB_OAGB Club.

New Delhi is the capital city of India and has direct flights from all major countries across the globe which will make it easy for you to travel. The venue of the conference is at TajVivanta Hotel close to the airport. Taj is a world renowned group of hotels famous for its 5 star hospitality.

A trip to India cannot be completed without a cultural tour. So kindly plan your trip to include a trip to Agra to see the TajMahal. For those who are more adventurous, a trip to the world's highest mountains Himalayas / one of the best beaches in the world at Goa can be arranged.

We look forward to welcoming you to India !

Dr Arun Prasad
MGB-OAGB-Club-President 2020  

Prof. Mervyn Deitel
Director MGB-OAGB Club Founding President of IFSO Founding editor-in-chief - Obesity Surgery


Dr Arun Prasad

President – MGB OAGB International Club

Dr Abhishek Tiwari

Organising Secretary

Dr K S Kular

Founder President

Dr G S Jammu

Scientific Committee Chair

Dr Mohit Bhandari

Executive Committee

Dr Om Tantia

Executive Committee

Dr D S Bedi

Executive Committee

Dr Raj Palaniappan

Executive Committee

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MGB-OAGB Club Member INR 18,000/ $270 INR 20,000/ $300 INR 27,000/ $400 Entry to congress & lunch on 1st& 2nd May, banquet dinner on 1st May
Non-Member Physician INR 24,300/ $360 INR 27,000/ $400 INR 33,000/ $500
Resident in Training & Non Physician INR 12,150/ $180 INR 13,500/ $200 INR 16,500/ $250
Congress & Masterclass INR 27,000/ $405 INR 30,000/ $450 INR 40,000/ $600 Above plus 'Meet the faculty' dinner on 30th April
Master Class only INR 9,000/ $135 INR 10,000/ $150 INR 16,000/ $240 Masterclass, lunch and dinner on 30thApril


Contact us

Ms. Deeba
Monday-Friday (10am-7pm)


Dr Arun Prasad
Organizing Chairman
Manipal Hospital, Dwarka, New Delhi - 110075